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Greenways Awards card.jpg
Greenways Awards card.jpg

Nominate a person, group or business. Sponsorship of the awards is encouraged.

Serviceberry Tree
Serviceberry Tree

Greenways Awards recipients receive a certificate, a plaque and a tree to be planted next to their trail or project.

Flying disks at the Park
Flying disks at the Park

Greenways Awards card.jpg
Greenways Awards card.jpg

Nominate a person, group or business. Sponsorship of the awards is encouraged.


2020 CGT Greenways Awards

James E. Holden Greenways Volunteer of the Year:  William Moore, Ph.D.

of Leeper, PA in recognition of the extensive hours, labor, skills, and expertise he has generously and graciously provided in connection with the rapid development of the Rail 66 Country Trail in Clarion County. 

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Greg Borland presents William Moore with

Presented by Greg Borland

Thomas J. Allen Greenways Partner of the Year:

Clarion University of Pennsylvania

with campuses in both Clarion and Oil City, PA for their ongoing support and active assistance since 2016 for the planning and development of the now open Clarion Loop Trail.

Richard M. Garrard Greenways Neighbor of the Year:  Titusville Community Development Agencies (TCDA)

has been selected in recognition of several diverse projects to develop the local outdoor recreational trail system, especially those on or adjacent to property owned by TCDA and its affiliated entities.

Clarion Univ students.JPG

Presented by Deb Eckelberger

Kristen Kerr for Titusville Community De

Kristen Kerr of TCDA

2020 Sponsors

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The Holden Family

Friends of CGT


Award winners receive a framed photograph of a natural scene donated by Mr. Jerry Gressley. 

Questions or further information requests may be directed to:

Marilyn Black

The work of the members of the Council on Greenways & Trails is often behind the scenes.  The results are well known and accessed by the public for recreation, and protect the conservation values of our natural resources.  The 2020 Greenways Awards listed below and other projects on this website are just a few examples of this work. 

What's next in 2021?

The Council members will continue to create, maintain and enhance the outdoor spaces that have become so much more important in this strange year. 

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Watch for details of the annual Nature Art Showcase (currently postponed until later in 2021).  

Our trails and waterways, parks and open space provide adventure and inspiration.

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Recreation & Economic Development


Are you a business with goods or services outdoor recreation visitors need?  Are you in a Trail Town?

Full report - 2013 EPT Trail User Survey & Economic Impact Analysis


Do you want to protect your land and pass it on to your children?


The Council on Greenways & Trails (CGT) works with those in the region that are realizing the value of our natural and outdoor recreational resources and partnering to protect and/or develop those resources for the benefit of our citizens and visitors and increase the economic impact that they bring.


 * Protection of Natural Resources

 * Support of Economic Prosperity

 * Stewardship of Pennsylvania's 

    Rural and Farmland Legacy

 * Conservation of Scenic, Historic

    and Cultural Resources

 * Public Recreation, Health, and


 * Creation of Educational


 * Promotion of Sustainable

   Development &

   Sound Land Use


Through the partnerships and the projects already completed, the members of the Council on Greenways & Trails are working together as never before.  Connections are being made through the realization that partnerships can impact entire regions and seemingly intangible quality of life issues can have real economic impact

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